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rocking the “man-dots”…


Our beagle needed a new collar, and I wanted something with personality.

So I endeavored to make him one today and it turned out really amazing.

Maddox is a sexy, sophisticated dog and the only way you know this is by the way he looks at you!

See what I’m saying…seductive eyes!

He needed something with a little sophistication.

He got plaid!

Doesn’t he look handsome?!

Okay…I’m a freak! I love my dog…

He’s a fatty who hogs the bed, can not turn his licker off and he will eat anything not nailed down.

I didn’t even want a dog and Maddox is #2 of 3 dogs.

What can I say?! I love my husband and he loves dogs.

Now I love dogs…

Toby is #3…

Toby is a Chiweenie…

Only a dog with “weenie” in his type can pull off  MAN-DOTS.

He loves it and how could he not.  It has dots!

I also made one for his sister, Lilli.

Lilli lives with my Mom and Dad, where Toby used to live.

Lilli is a pretty dachsy.

She is a bark monster, but she is spoiled.

That’s why she is the “princess”.

The vintage red flowers are going to look great on her.

I’m biased.

Next is one for her cousin, Maybelle.

Maybelle will need one for her Mom and Dad’s wedding in a few days.


oh my aching back…


Today was a fun-filled day of sewing, sewing and sewing!  I wish I could say I have gobs and gobs to show for it, but the sewing machine fairies were not on my side today.  One child’s apron I made today took me twice as long as normal to make.  I don’t know if it was the flannel fabric or the thread or frankly my own ineptitude. <—-Did you like that word? Made me sound smart didn’t it?!  The final product did turn out sorta cute, but my second one was by far my favorite.  Here is the final product once I spoke some very unflattering words to it!

Golly Dang Disruption to my Mojo Children’s Apron…SHEESH!

HaHa…I cropped off the ugly seam in this picture!

Such cute fabric and the sewing actually looks good!!!

I don’t even remember how long it took me to make this, but it felt like forever!  However, this next one I cranked out in no time.  I love it and it is going to look so cute on some pretty little girl.  It is purple with ladybugs on it.  I appliqued a cute little heart on the pocket too.  It was my first time using Steam a Seam and it worked really well.  It will be Wedding Shower Gift #2.  Can’t wait to see which little girl gets to try it out.

It is far from perfect, but not too bad for my first try.  Tomorrow I have to finish the cupcake tower and all the decorations.  Plus my baby is coming home in the morning and she missed me.  I love being missed.  I love having the kind of relationship with my daughters that they need me for things like listening to them and giving advice.  Even though I think I will enjoy them being gone and having a break…I always miss them to pieces! 

Happy Sleepy Time!

Wedding Shower Game Prize #1


I can not send people home without prizes for the Wedding Shower Games.  I know that traditionally anything won usually goes to the bride, but I wanted to be able to send some things home with the guests.  So I made some things to give away as prizes.  Here is the first thing I made:


I think I’ve finally come to a final design and technique I like.  The original idea came from A GIRL AND A GLUE GUN . She is an amazingly creative woman and you should check out her blog – NOW!  Because I am a new seamstress, it has taken me several aprons to finally get it to what I want.  So lucky for my Wedding Shower guests they will have a chance to win my best work yet!  Can’t wait….

Happy Sewing!!

Wedding Shower Madness…


So because I am a control freak and a perfectionist I chose to host my sister’s wedding shower all by myself.  This has been a good thing and sometimes not.  It is twelve days away and I am working out all the details and completing tasks to get ready.  Did I mention this has to be the wedding showers of all wedding showers?!  Not because it is my sister – well that helps a little, but because when I do something I want to do it BIG!  So I had an initial plan, but the plan keeps getting bigger and bigger.  So as the day looms I will keep you updated on the happenings!

My latest brain child is The Cash For The Couple Raffle.  I completed a summer blanket – good for picnicking, cuddling on the couch or whatever comes to mind.  Here it is:

This is the FRONT!

This is the BACK!

So we aren’t talking about quilting or rocket science, but wouldn’t you spend $5 trying to win this blanket? I spend $5 on blankets for my puppies to lay on.  Of course I would pay $5 to win a homemade, spectacularly summertime blanket ready for picnics, concerts at the park, and even Western Movie night in the Park.  Of course I can’t win this – maybe I will keep it for myself instead?! Not really….

Happy Sewing!!



I finished my first quilt for a friend of my mother’s baby.  I had been looking for an excuse to make a baby size quilt and she gave me one.  I wanted a quilt that would grow with the baby and not be to “babyish”.  I think I managed to accomplish what I wanted to.  I definitely need to work on my binding.  It did not look pretty and I had to add some “decorative” quilting to it to hide the rather uneven sewing.  The rest of it turned out far better than I had hoped it would.  The back is made of the softest fleece I have ever felt.  Now that I have finally finished the first one I can start the next one making it even better.

apron mania…


My husband says I have been a bit manic lately about the apron making.  I can not disagree with him.  I got so excited after I perfected the art that I had to start making them for every woman I know.  So I thought I would do a little photo update on some that I finished and even one little adorable model I managed to get to cooperate for about one minute.

Isn’t she just the  most adorable little thing? She wasn’t feeling very good on this day…had a little cold.  She wasn’t feeling all that photogenic.  I taught her to play Angry Birds on my cell phone and at the end of the visit she said “I want to play the bird game.”  I told her I had to go home now and she stopped speaking to me.  I asked her if she was mad at me and she said she was.  The little munchkin wouldn’t even give me a hug goodbye! Sheesh…next time I better lead with Angry Birds before she gives me the cold shoulder again!

This one was one of my favorites.  I love bright colors and this fit the bill.  I made this for my oldest niece, Brooke.  She was so excited to be able to wear it for her cooking class.  I have to get more info on that from her Mom…sounds like a good time!

This little gem I made with a pair of my daughter’s old Capri pants.  My father didn’t fail to mention how crooked the tie is.  I’m claiming I intended to make it that way for artistic purpose and no one can change my mind.  This was for no one in particular and will probably get tucked away and await the perfect gift giving situation.  I made several others, but failed to get pictures of them.  I will have to see if I can sneak in some candid pics when I catch my mom and sister wearing theirs.

Happy Crafting!



Taylor was so excited to see her apron on today’s post of A Girl and A Glue Gun.  We have been a little behind on the blog, but that hasn’t stopped us from crafting away.  I recently made a dress for my niece out of a pair of my husband’s old dress pants.  We are so excited for her to try it on.  I wanted to post it after I get pictures of it on her.  I will also update when I get pictures of all the lovely ladies I’ve been making aprons for.  I’ve perfected the art I think since that first one.

Yesterday was my 35th birthday and my family is celebrating today with a birthday/Mother’s Day barbecue.  I made an Italian Cream cake with Cinnamon Buttercream – wonderful recipe from the Tidy Mom blog.  I wish I had doubled the recipe, but oh well!  It is going to be delicious I hope! I know the frosting is…even if the cake is a little lopsided.

My allergies are having a heyday with my life, so I’m ready to pluck my eyeballs out and shop for a new pair.  But I’m determined to have a great time today.  Big week is coming up…Taylor’s musical is Friday and we are in the midst of planning the big August Wedding “Ho Ha” for my sister.  First, the Wedding Shower “Ho Ha” is on the list.  I’m about to head over to my Heritage Maker’s Studio and finish up the Cupcake-in-a-Jar decorations and work on the invitations.  Pictures to follow as soon as they get finished!  Have a great Saturday ALL!

Thanks to A Girl and A Glue Gun for making my daughter feel like a ROCKSTAR!

Happy Saturday!



So I decided to try my hand at sewing after 15 years of hiatus.  I fell in love with an idea I found on A Girl and A Glue Gun’s blog  at I know there is an easy way to add this link, but being new to the blog world I’m going with the way I know how.  I apologize if I have broken some blog ettiquet.  I made this apron for my daughter who desperately wanted me to put a tie on the front.  She said, “I want to be all business when I’m cooking.”  I love that kid! I think it turned out pretty gosh darn cute for my first go at it.  Thank you to A Girl and A Glue Gun for her amazing inspiration!

I also made my sister one.  I haven’t attached the tie around the neck, but will do that tomorrow.  Looking at the picture did give me the idea to make a half apron though. I’m going to try it tomorrow I think.  I will let you know how it goes.

Happy Sewing!!