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Random Acts of Annoyance


On Mother’s Day I had the pleasure of having a conversation about “religion” with my brother-in-law and husband.

A few days before I had another conversation about general acts of human kindness.

My religion conversation boiled down to four simple letters…L…O…V…E…!

Love like Jesus did and you will make the world a better place through no fault of your own.

You will be unable to help it.

It will be the toughest, most complicated and universally frustrating task on the planet, but you will be a better human being for it.

Which brings me to my second conversation of general acts of human kindness.

I’m not talking Random Acts of Kindness that make someones day a little brighter.

I’m talking about the things we humans do to make another humans life easier.

Instead of general acts of human kindness our culture has moved to this:

Random Acts of Annoyance


Someone actually took the time to walk the cart to the cart return, but then got too lazy to actually put it into the right side.

Seriously, if you are going to be lazy at least commit and leave the cart at your parking space.

Don’t we see these little acts that make people’s jobs harder everyday?

I’m not trying to stand on my high horse because guess where I left those carts after I took the picture?

I’m embarrassed to say this, but it didn’t occur to me until writing this post to actually fix it and make it better for several people.

I just walked to my car thinking that I was at least better than those people.

It’s that LOVE thing again…!

Had I been loving like Jesus loved I wouldn’t have had time to get so full of myself.

Go out and spread some general acts of kindness or fix some random acts of annoyance!

Make someone’s day easier….

Happy Tuesday!!


Too Good Not To Share


I have this wonderful new calendar that has these wonderful pearls of wisdom.  Because I only got it this weekend I haven’t had a chance to read the previous months.  As I perused through the beginning of the calendar I came across something too good not to share.  Here it is:

  • What you believe definitely affects what you do.
  • What you do affects the response from others or results you receive.
  • What you receive affects your attitude toward life, which then affects your next move, which further affects the outcome of your actions, which will then have a profound effect on your joy level, your success, your fulfillment, your everything…whew!!
  • Can you achieve this diva-tude? Absolutely, but be forewarned, old habits die hard. This will be a workout for some and a welcome change for others.

Is this not something we know to be the truth in everything we do? Of course, but do we live as if we are the cause of our circumstances or do we live as if everyone else is the cause of our circumstances? We are blamers by nature, but it is so much more powerful to be in control of our lives and take responsibility for what happens.  So today I choose to live with the above attitude…can’t speak for tomorrow, but today I am feeling powerful!

Happy Tuesday!



It seems like it has been forever since we visited. Those that read my last post know I started a new job.  I stood at this new job today and looked out across my classroom in awe.  I’ve worked with children before.  I’ve been threatened and cursed at by children.  I’ve been punched, kicked, spit on and dodged flying objects.  I’ve been trapped in a room by an angry teenagers twice my size.  I’ve heard every horrible and heartbreaking story that could be imagined come out of the mouth of a child.  And strangely enough I loved my job.  My heart belonged to the worst of the worst in difficult children and I will probably always have a special place for those children.  They didn’t ask to be hurt or abused or to have a mental illness.  They just survived one angry day at a time.

After nearly 7 years of this being my predominant interactions with children I began to expect most children were like this.  My affectionate name for them being “heathens” or “knuckleheads”.  So during my 3rd official day as a Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade Computer Teacher I realized something.  There are still kids out there that laugh at silly caterpillar games.  There are kids that despite being “too old” for something, still shout “I Did It!” when they complete the task.  There are kids that help other kids and get excited when others do well also.  There are kids that want to hug me just because I am Mrs. Good.  It is not major breakthroughs and huge insightful moments that bring me joy.  It is little voices whispering, “Hi, Mrs Good” as they see me in the hallway.  Or children wanting to stop me and tell me about how they helped a peer.  I love little waving hands as they wait in line outside my classroom.  I want to wave all day long.  I want to squeeze them and hug them.  Despite the class that I had to start over 3 times before they really figured out how to listen, I felt something today I haven’t felt in a long time.

I felt hope…

Hope that we are growing decent human beings.

Hope that we are doing more good than harm.

Hope that we can teach a love of learning.

Hope that children are still children and we haven’t forced them to grow up too fast in this media frenzied world.

Hope that I can do some good in a whole different population of children.

Hope in its simplest form with a healthy dose of joy…I love my job!


I will be linking up at Life Made Lovely so make sure you go check her out!

Happy Monday!

Miss Brooke…


While everyone loves a baby…

I have another niece who is growing into a lovely young woman.

She was so funny while we were at the fair.

She seemed to always know exactly where the camera was and posed just before the shutter went off!

I did manage to catch her off guard a couple of times…

This was the conclusion to the “Do you want to go into the Haunted House with me?” argument…

Brooke lost the argument…

Despite flying down the slide she still managed to pose for the camera at the end…too too cute!

Love you bunches, Miss Brooke!!

beautiful girls….


The fair is in town in Casper, where I was born and raised.

Who does not love to people watch at a Wyoming fair?

Exhibit A:

Yes that is indeed a boy in skinny jeans!

Not just skinny jeans, but RED skinny jeans…

I lived through the 80’s when we had to fold our jeans over and roll them up to achieve this look.

I’m over it!

So I have explained to my daughter that she can not ever date a drug user, criminal or a guy who wears skinny jeans.

Sorry…I’m the mom! I make the rules…


Here is who I really came to take pictures of…

Addison Raye – my gorgeous niece!

She is going to think I’m the coolest aunt ever one day…now she tolerates me.

Unless of course I ignore her…bahahahahahaa!

Miss Brooke – my beautiful and amazing oldest niece!!

She knew where the camera was at every moment.

Even when I caught her doing this….

She was flirting with a boy…I know right!! Sheesh…

I appointed my husband the keeper of the cotton candy.

He was not thrilled with the appointment, but he did his duty with honor.

Thank you, Babe for never telling me no – even when I ask you to drive an hour and a half to go to a fair you have no desire to go to, after a long 10 hour work day all so I can take pictures of my beautiful nieces. 

 And for buying me this…

You are truly the greatest husband on the planet! I love you, John!

Go kiss your husbands ladies…they deserve it!

Happy Monday!!

Wedding Shower Game Prize #1


I can not send people home without prizes for the Wedding Shower Games.  I know that traditionally anything won usually goes to the bride, but I wanted to be able to send some things home with the guests.  So I made some things to give away as prizes.  Here is the first thing I made:


I think I’ve finally come to a final design and technique I like.  The original idea came from A GIRL AND A GLUE GUN . She is an amazingly creative woman and you should check out her blog – NOW!  Because I am a new seamstress, it has taken me several aprons to finally get it to what I want.  So lucky for my Wedding Shower guests they will have a chance to win my best work yet!  Can’t wait….

Happy Sewing!!

Wedding Shower Madness…


So because I am a control freak and a perfectionist I chose to host my sister’s wedding shower all by myself.  This has been a good thing and sometimes not.  It is twelve days away and I am working out all the details and completing tasks to get ready.  Did I mention this has to be the wedding showers of all wedding showers?!  Not because it is my sister – well that helps a little, but because when I do something I want to do it BIG!  So I had an initial plan, but the plan keeps getting bigger and bigger.  So as the day looms I will keep you updated on the happenings!

My latest brain child is The Cash For The Couple Raffle.  I completed a summer blanket – good for picnicking, cuddling on the couch or whatever comes to mind.  Here it is:

This is the FRONT!

This is the BACK!

So we aren’t talking about quilting or rocket science, but wouldn’t you spend $5 trying to win this blanket? I spend $5 on blankets for my puppies to lay on.  Of course I would pay $5 to win a homemade, spectacularly summertime blanket ready for picnics, concerts at the park, and even Western Movie night in the Park.  Of course I can’t win this – maybe I will keep it for myself instead?! Not really….

Happy Sewing!!

Sunday by Taylor…


Today was a busy day of planting flowers and starting my first garden.  In order to keep my daughter occupied and involved in family time I gave her my phone and told her to be the photographer for the day.  She thought this was a great idea, but hated that I wouldn’t stop playing in the dirt to see every picture she took.  What is with the need for instant gratification….wait I like what I want when I want it too! I should have thought through that one better…is that a do as I say not as I do moment?! I’m in charge I can do what I want…right? Dang I believe in teaching by example! Looks like I did a great job on that one huh?  Anyway, here is our Sunday through the eyes of my gorgeous, talented artistic 13-yr old Taylor:

Our adorable beagle – Maddox

He is hoping and praying for a bite of the popsicle Taylor is eating while taking this picture…no dice Little Dog!

I may be biased, but I absolutely love how she captured the perfect shadows on our newly planted flowers.

She takes after me in the creativity department and the incredible beauty – hahaaha!

Me sporting Garden Couture courtesy of and probably Walmart.  Do you see those fancy Ugg flip-flops? My mom doesn’t think I spend enough money on shoes – $15 isn’t enough? – so she buys me expensive shoes that I garden in. She would be so proud…love you mom!  I am mixing epoxy because I am making fancy dessert platters for my sister’s wedding shower in a couple of weeks.  I am keeping it pretty secret so I can’t post pics until after I host it.

My wonderful husband planting the exact flowers in the exact locations I want them.  He really is too too good to me!

 Thank you, Taylor for your vision and beauty!

1/2 Insta-Friday


I just saw this wonderful idea over on Joy’s Hope.  It is a recap of your week using the pictures you have taken with your cell phone.  She uses the Instagram app for her Iphone, but I am not an Iphone user.  I am using the PicSay app for my HTC Thunderbolt.  Because I just read about this idea I have only half a week to share.  I promise to do better next Friday.

Happy Friday!!



Do you ever wonder what makes people do the honest, honorable thing when it means trouble for themselves?  I’ve worked in the psychiatric industry and studied it in school and this really goes against human nature.  We are a manipulative lot of people who don’t like to take responsibility for our actions.  Then as my incredibly cynical nature takes over I am blessed by a human being that does the right thing at great price to themselves.

Case in point:

The gentleman who DID do this to my car had a suspended license and was driving another person’s vehicle.  He hit me in the parking lot of my husbands lumber store with no witnesses.  He could have driven away, but he did not.  I appreciate this more than I can put into words.


Happy Parking!!