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crazy faces…


Children bring such amazing joy to life…

So why do they insist on making the most outrageous face when you try to take a picture of their cute faces?

Just when you think they have outgrown it…


This one I caught on accident… 8o)

Pretty, sweet picture of Mom…knucklehead in background!

1984 ROCKED!!!

Half disgruntled…half daydreaming!!

How can you not love that face???

I adore these beauties to distraction…

Thank you for making my life interesting!!


Miss Brooke…


While everyone loves a baby…

I have another niece who is growing into a lovely young woman.

She was so funny while we were at the fair.

She seemed to always know exactly where the camera was and posed just before the shutter went off!

I did manage to catch her off guard a couple of times…

This was the conclusion to the “Do you want to go into the Haunted House with me?” argument…

Brooke lost the argument…

Despite flying down the slide she still managed to pose for the camera at the end…too too cute!

Love you bunches, Miss Brooke!!

beautiful girls….


The fair is in town in Casper, where I was born and raised.

Who does not love to people watch at a Wyoming fair?

Exhibit A:

Yes that is indeed a boy in skinny jeans!

Not just skinny jeans, but RED skinny jeans…

I lived through the 80’s when we had to fold our jeans over and roll them up to achieve this look.

I’m over it!

So I have explained to my daughter that she can not ever date a drug user, criminal or a guy who wears skinny jeans.

Sorry…I’m the mom! I make the rules…


Here is who I really came to take pictures of…

Addison Raye – my gorgeous niece!

She is going to think I’m the coolest aunt ever one day…now she tolerates me.

Unless of course I ignore her…bahahahahahaa!

Miss Brooke – my beautiful and amazing oldest niece!!

She knew where the camera was at every moment.

Even when I caught her doing this….

She was flirting with a boy…I know right!! Sheesh…

I appointed my husband the keeper of the cotton candy.

He was not thrilled with the appointment, but he did his duty with honor.

Thank you, Babe for never telling me no – even when I ask you to drive an hour and a half to go to a fair you have no desire to go to, after a long 10 hour work day all so I can take pictures of my beautiful nieces. 

 And for buying me this…

You are truly the greatest husband on the planet! I love you, John!

Go kiss your husbands ladies…they deserve it!

Happy Monday!!

Independence Day fun…


The day is winding down…

We are staying cool in the basement because it is hot outside and upstairs.

But not before we polished off this…

Or before we did a little of this…

Or before these adorable creatures begged me to take pictures of them…

The culmination of our evening was watching fiery goodness between the tree leaves as it poured rain….

Happy 4th of July All!!



I have the two most incredible daughters anyone could ask for.

They each have their own unique personalities and areas of enjoyment.

Samantha is our athlete and Taylor is our actor/artist.

So imagine my surprise when I cam across this:

Yes, that is my drama queen learning to golf.

It really is the perfect sport for her because she can do it at her own pace and skill level.

Team sports are hard at her age because it seems like you must have been playing them since you were in the womb.

There doesn’t seem to be room for someone just wanting to “try” a team sport.

My husband and I are opposites on this because I want to enjoy playing a sport and he wants to compete.

I don’t get wrapped up in all that and my HS quarterback husband just can not understand a mentality like that.

He was showing her how it is supposed to look.

Keep in mind  – he is also teaching me how to golf.

I can ignore him if he annoys me with his 65 directions at once.

His heart is in the right place, but I can’t concentrate on doing every single thing right.

So I pick a couple of things to concentrate on and add as I accomplish things.

I finally had to teach Taylor my technique too.  She seemed more comfortable.

I thought my husband was going to go mad if he heard “I’m sorry” one more time.

She surprised me with how patiently she watched and tried to learn.

She is my “hands on” kid and learns far better that way.

This is my favorite picture – Big Hands, Little Hands!

Daddy’s never underestimate the importance of making sure those “big hands” stay active in your daughter’s lives.

If Taylor never picks up a golf club again it won’t matter.

 What will matter is that summer evening her “little hands” spent wrapped in his “big hands”!

Happy Day Before Independence Day!!

Wedding Shower Deliciousness


So yesterday was a massacre and today was the exact opposite….YEAH ME!

I came across this amazing idea – S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies over at Picky Palate. Make sure you go and check out her blog!

 I instantly knew these would be perfect for the “Camping” Wedding Shower.

 I made a few changes to suit my own preferences, but the original would be delicious too.

I started by making mini-smores with 3 different kinds of marshmallows – plain, strawberry and caramel vanilla.

I mixed up a double batch of “The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie” from the Butter-flavor Crisco Sticks box – minus the chocolate chips.

I baked my first batch and then decided it would be much better if I waited to bake them.  So I froze them and will bake them at the shower.

They will exit the oven and find themselves on a plate looking something similiar to the gooey delight below!

I can’t wait and I hope they are a hit at the shower.

Tune in tomorrow for the next delicious bit going on the dessert table!

Happy Wedding Shower Planning – wait that’s me!

Happy Baking!!

shaking my head…


So last night was the finale for American Idol as most of you know.  My husband and I always DVR it and watch it without the commercials.  So last night we are working our way through it when I hear Scotty sing with Tim McGraw.  I have to call my mom and see if she is watching it (yep forgot it was on DVR).  She got home late and didn’t see the song so my husband rewinds and we play it for her over the phone.  She oohs and aahs with me and we discuss the normal who’s gonna win stuff, but I tell her I don’t wanna know who is singing later.  We hang up and my husband and I resume the finale after a few more encore watches of Tim and Scotty.  Did anyone else notice the massive, gorgeous shoulders on Tim McGraw? Anyhow…I digress!  9:07pm rolls around and my phone rings.  I say hello and my mom responds with “I called it!”  This is where you add the shaking of my head into the situation.  She suddenly remembers that I’m watching it on DVR and I haven’t gotten to the end yet.  This is where it got really amusing for me because I really didn’t care who won, but it was enjoyable to hear her feel like a total jerk for ruining it for me.  She did feel really bad…too cute she was!  She politely hung up and waited until almost 10pm before calling me back and asking if I had finished watching it yet.  She is a funny lady and the humor didn’t stop there.

Her best friend’s birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TERESA! A little back ground on mom – she is wicked smart when it comes to numbers, organization and administrative aspects of the world.  She pays all her bills before the due dates, knows where every item of food is in every cupboard, shelf of the refrigerator/freezer, has 52 cans of ready-made frosting in her cupboard because it was on sale.  Don’t even get me started on the butter spray.  She is a great cook and inspired my love for baking.  She has two daughters and we are the kind of woman who enjoy creative, crafty things far more than remembering to pay our bills on time.  Funny how those things turn out.  We have all learned to love each other for our strengths and encourage each other in our weaknesses, but not before teasing each other mercifully about them.  So last night when my mom told me I would be proud of her I figured she attempted something creative.  She starts telling me about the “food tower” she created for her friend.  She made potato chip cookies (which I have heard are fantastic, but I have not tried) and that was the bottom layer.  Then she asks me if I’ve ever tried the mini cucumbers from Walmart? I’m thinking, huh? How did we go from cookies to cucumbers? Then she tells me about the next layer of her food tower is cucumber salad.  Then it had toffee bar and banana bread on top.  How in the world did my mom come up with cucumbers in that whole scheme of food?  I think she may have told me the significance, but I was probably still distracted by the fact there was cucumbers in a tower of deliciousness.  There was some talk about ribbon and some ribbon after that…I think I was trying to picture it all in my head by then and probably lost track of time and space.  She added the recipes with some pretty clever little notes and then talked of putting it all in a gift bag – I swear I thought that’s what the ribbon was for, but who knows.  So finally at 10:45pm I ask her if she took her meds today…hahahaha…because it was late and it didn’t look like her string was going to run out anytime soon.  She was excited about her project and I went to bed smiling because of it.

I poke fun at my mom because we are so different, but I’m proud of her for spreading her creative wings.  Just as I am sure she is proud of me when I spread my financially responsible wings and pay my bills on time. (***Side note – I have grown into a financially responsible person – okay well at least I pay my bills on time now)! She is truly my sister’s and my biggest fans of our creativity – if a little bit exploitive and occasionally tries to take credit! I’m waiting on pictures of the food tower and then I will do a big SHOUT OUT to mom for a successful endeavor into the world of crafty! Everyone go hug your mom today – she probably needs it and it will only do your own soul some good!

Happy Hugging!!!

wedding shower…


I am planning my sister’s wedding shower in June.  She wanted a camping themed shower.  In case you all have been looking lately…this is not a common theme.  It has a plethora (I know..great word) of possibilities, but I wanted it to stay somewhat feminine, but also outdoorsy!

Here is the invitation I reinvented from an earlier design…

I think she will like it!  Onto finishing up the other decorations and planning the menu.

Happy Crafting!!



I wanted to share my daughter, Samantha’s latest creation with you…

She was commissioned to do this Unicorn Cake for a four-year old little girl named Addie.

I was thinking how amazing it would have been to have had a unicorn cake for my birthday.  I can’t honestly remember what my birthday cakes were at that age.

I just came across a picture of the first cake I made Taylor for her 2nd birthday.  Wow…how far I have come and I’m not sure I could have come close to this beautiful unicorn cake.  I love that Samantha and I have a shared passion for decorating things!  She amazes me every time she tackles something new.

Great job, Samantha! Love you kid…

big girl…little head


Taylor wanted me to make cookies for a project she was doing for English.  After all of the adventures of the week I was over making cookies.  So I decided she should make them and I would let her do whatever she wanted.  For those of you who know me, you know this is not an easy thing for me.  She had a great time and did an awesome job.  I got a little crazy with the camera phone and was completely tickled by this picture of her so I thought I would offer you an opportunity to share in the humor.  Tay promptly reminded me that she has a camera too! =(

Keep Creating All!