I love paisley and God.  I prefer striped socks to plain and hate most jello salads.  I am a mom of two beautiful teenage girls and the wife of a hard-working, generous and nearly perfect man.  I have a wonderfully, dysfunctional family and four dogs that make my life miserable and unbelievably loved.  I love flowers, but don’t like to plant them or water them.  I love my fat girl jeans, but wish I was skinny most of the time.  I am a wonderful creation of God and am so thankful for grace.  I am a procrastinator and start  projects that I usually don’t finish.  I am working at having better follow-thru.  I have several guilty pleasures and love cake.  I am going to learn how to make pickled green beans and will actually do it in the future.  Scarves are a secret addiction and I love t-shirts.  I have a tendency toward sarcasm and am often very witty.  Mostly I want to share the fun and creative things in my life and even the odd things that happen occasionally. By the way…I adore tulips and Basset Hounds!

P.S. I have recently acquired a Basset Hound of my very own.  Her name is Stella Lu and she is scrumptious!


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