Monthly Archives: August 2012

“I didn’t know you were smart…”


It was several weeks ago I sat in a conference with a group of co-workers doing a 3 minute free write on a children’s book the presenter had just read. Me being the eternal optimist I wrote a diatribe about being distracted by the readers too fast reading and constant interjections of stories instead of my emotional reaction to the story. The facilitator asked us to read our writing to our group, so I was kindly volunteered to go first. I am pretty confident in my writing ability so I wasn’t particularly scared, but this group of coworkers didn’t know me well. I read my piece and one of the ladies looks at me and says, “Wow, those are big words. I didn’t know you were smart!”

I know, right?! Okay, so I was more amused than offended because frankly I’m a good writer…and I do use big words. I use them in conversation too. I have a great vocabulary. It’s my parents fault. They bought me all those gosh darn books. Well there was that lady at the public library that gave me the magic card too but mostly is was my evil parents fault! Anyhoo…this women was well intentioned, but it was poorly executed. I appreciated all the other wonderfully impressed comments that reflected the nature of my writing and not my intelligence.

So the whole purpose of this rant is to tell you about a book I just purchased called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. A creative haven for an ADD freak with poor follow through. I will see how many topics I can get through before I lose interest, get too busy or some other fancy takes hold. Just keepin it real people…thanks for listening!

Happy Sunday!