Willie Nelson


My closest friend for years and I  have this unspoken Instagram challenge in our hearts against each other.

Okay, so I hate him just a little bit because he takes amazingly, inspired gorgeous pictures.

He could care less about my inner turmoil and continues to praise my attempts at creativity.

I love him for that.

So when I was browsing through my Instagram feed last night and came across a beautiful picture he had taken with the quote, “The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs.”, I knew something bad happened.

I’m not sure there is anything more difficult than watching a man lose a dog, except possibly a momma losing her baby.

It leaves a woman speechless and helpless.

I know this because not very long ago I had to watch my husband make the decision to put his childhood dog to sleep.

I didn’t have words for my friend that would take the pain away, but I wanted Willie to be remembered on the pages of this blog.  Not with my words, but with photographs taken by the man he faithfully followed until his last breath.

Willie Nelson

We will miss you!


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