Random Acts of Annoyance


On Mother’s Day I had the pleasure of having a conversation about “religion” with my brother-in-law and husband.

A few days before I had another conversation about general acts of human kindness.

My religion conversation boiled down to four simple letters…L…O…V…E…!

Love like Jesus did and you will make the world a better place through no fault of your own.

You will be unable to help it.

It will be the toughest, most complicated and universally frustrating task on the planet, but you will be a better human being for it.

Which brings me to my second conversation of general acts of human kindness.

I’m not talking Random Acts of Kindness that make someones day a little brighter.

I’m talking about the things we humans do to make another humans life easier.

Instead of general acts of human kindness our culture has moved to this:

Random Acts of Annoyance


Someone actually took the time to walk the cart to the cart return, but then got too lazy to actually put it into the right side.

Seriously, if you are going to be lazy at least commit and leave the cart at your parking space.

Don’t we see these little acts that make people’s jobs harder everyday?

I’m not trying to stand on my high horse because guess where I left those carts after I took the picture?

I’m embarrassed to say this, but it didn’t occur to me until writing this post to actually fix it and make it better for several people.

I just walked to my car thinking that I was at least better than those people.

It’s that LOVE thing again…!

Had I been loving like Jesus loved I wouldn’t have had time to get so full of myself.

Go out and spread some general acts of kindness or fix some random acts of annoyance!

Make someone’s day easier….

Happy Tuesday!!


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  1. I get enraged when I see perfectly capable, upright, mobile people leave their carts where ever they feel like it, just not in the cart rack. It blows my mind as to what kind of society we have become. This type stuff is pure laziness and a total lack of respect for their fellow man and their possessions. Maybe it’s because their jealous b/c they don’t have as nice a car, so they don’t care if they dent our nicer ones that we have worked hard our whole lives to be able to purchase.

    • I wish it were as simple as jealousy. I believe we have become a culture who has complete disregard for each other as human beings. Go do your general act of kindness today and make someone’s day a little easier and you will feel better!

      • Exactly. A total lack of respect of our fellow man. I went to visit my aunt Jackie in the nursing home last night, but went to the wrong place. So, I visited with an elderly lady that was sitting in her wheel chair by the front door looking out and soaking up the sun. She broke into this huge, toothless smile as we talked, and it was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. That smile lifted my spirits so high last night and still through today. Maybe we should stop by the homes more often and put smiles on peoples faces that have nothing to smile about.

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