Blindsided By Blessing…


Have you ever felt bogged down with life?

Ever felt if one more trial, trauma, dilema, catastrophe or problem came up you were done?

That’s how I woke up this morning.

That’s how I came to work this morning.

Then two things happened that changed it all.

A friend let me talk…

If you have ever had a friend who isn’t capable of this you are nodding your head right now in understanding!

No advice…no problem solving…no deep spiritual bonding

It was if the proverbial world had been removed from me.

 In case I hadn’t been blessed enough by that, I was perusing the Pioneer Woman blog and discovered one of my photos had been featured on her blog.

She does Photography Assignments periodically and this assignment was to take a picture with your camera phone.  It could be enhanced and altered with any software on your phone.

Here is the photo featured!

There were over 300,000 photos entered so I felt incredibly blessed to be picked by her. 

There are some amazing pictures in these groups and you should check them all out.

Here are some of the other photos I submitted:

April Showers…




Crabby Apples

Itty Bitty

Home Invasion



Thanks everyone for stopping by!

Go check out the other camera phone photos at the Pioneer Woman blog!

Happy Tuesday!!





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