“I tell you sumpin!”


They say you are supposed to be objective and treat all students equal as an educator.

Outwardly we do our best, but our heart gravitates toward certain students.

This year it was, “I tell you sumpin!”

She was a chubby cheeked, blond ball of fire who must have repeated that phrase every time she opened her mouth.

She lit up my world every single day with her boldness, politeness and even her slight bend toward mischief.

Notice I am speaking in the past tense…

That is because “I tell you sumpin!” is no longer going to my school.

See she comes from a sad but all to common situation in that she is being raised by her grandparents.

Grandparents that have the odds stacked against them…but are determined to raise a polite, independent, delightful young girl the very best they can.

 I can say these grandparents only made one mistake.

And it’s horribly selfish on my part…

I wanted to say goodbye to “I tell you sumpin” and they didn’t let us.

I wanted to tell her I love her and she made my day brighter and if her mom never tells her that she is beautiful and important and good and wonderful and spectacular and awesome and kind and smart…

I know she is all of those things and so much more…

So God I leave it in Your hands!

“I tell you sumpin!” – BC

You are…











loved more than all the fishies in the sea and all the stars in the sky

“just in case you ever wonder”!

Love,   Mrs. Good

P.S. I know there are boundaries that educators are required to have and before my email is bombarded with emails on how inappropriate my statements are please know this – I was simply expressing a desire and NOT describing an action.  


Thank you so much Mom and Dad for giving up two years of your life to raise my daughter. 

 I know the circumstances were not the same, but the sacrifice was.

I am so blessed to know that Taylor is the young woman she is today because in my absence you raised her as I would have and made sure she knew she was all of the above things!

I will always be indebted to you for the wonderful impact you had on my baby….and you too, Aunt Sarah!


Happy Wednesday All!!

P.S. Tell someone they are important to you today and tomorrow and everyday after….


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  1. Tears streaming down my face. We were blessed to have your girl for two years and you as a daughter.

    “I tell u sumpin'” is indeed in the loving hands of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    The pic of me was when I was emaciated. Why do I look so fat in it?

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