Things I Adore…according to my IPhone!



Stella Lu Who Who!!

Pancakes with Peanut Butter and syrup…DELICIOUS!!

These two adorable munchkins…mostly because M. can get ice cream in Taylor’s hair and she doesn’t even care all that much.  She was a little surprised by his exuberance though.

Did I mention M.? He makes my day every day and he isn’t even mine.  I borrow him to bring a daily dose of infectious delight and smiles to my day.  His mom lets me which I think is super nice of her….like nicest thing in the whole world nice.  He loves to play “puffer fish” with Mantha.  Oh and he let’s me go eat ice cream with him.  I love that he thinks I’m cool to hang out with.


Oh yeah…Stella Lu!  Weird, I have alot of pictures of her on my IPhone.

This gorgeous man I could not live without.  Even though I just called him and he answered the phone with, “What…what do you want?!”  It was in a playful tone, but I will make him pay for it later.

And last but not least this beautiful place I live in…Wyoming!!

Happy Friday!!


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