Stella Visits Her Aunt Lilli…who still lives with her parents!!


Stella got to meet her Aunt Lilli for the first time on Saturday.

It was a bit of a confrontation at first.

It became more fun as the afternoon progressed.

Until it was an all out brawl….

I think they liked each other!

She also got to hang out with her cousin, Maybelle because her other aunt was back living at home again too!


(just for a couple of weeks while she finishes up her job and moves to Gillette with her husband)


They are both all tongues and ears…

Maybelle is a little disappointed she isn’t the baby anymore.

Stella also got to meet her cousin, Addy who might just be the only thing in this world that can hold a candle in the cuteness factor to Miss Stella Lu.  Case in point…see above picture!!

Stella wasn’t too excited to sit and rock with Addy, but we tried anyway.

Just in case you were blinded by Addy’s cuteness…let me remind you why I started this post!!

Happy Monday!!



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