Too Good Not To Share


I have this wonderful new calendar that has these wonderful pearls of wisdom.  Because I only got it this weekend I haven’t had a chance to read the previous months.  As I perused through the beginning of the calendar I came across something too good not to share.  Here it is:

  • What you believe definitely affects what you do.
  • What you do affects the response from others or results you receive.
  • What you receive affects your attitude toward life, which then affects your next move, which further affects the outcome of your actions, which will then have a profound effect on your joy level, your success, your fulfillment, your everything…whew!!
  • Can you achieve this diva-tude? Absolutely, but be forewarned, old habits die hard. This will be a workout for some and a welcome change for others.

Is this not something we know to be the truth in everything we do? Of course, but do we live as if we are the cause of our circumstances or do we live as if everyone else is the cause of our circumstances? We are blamers by nature, but it is so much more powerful to be in control of our lives and take responsibility for what happens.  So today I choose to live with the above attitude…can’t speak for tomorrow, but today I am feeling powerful!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Wonderful words of wisdom, and as true as any words can get. Now the challenge…..How do we get all Americans to look at life like this and RUN with it? What a different America we would be.

    • We live by example and hope that example inspires someone to change the way they respond to life. Unfortunately it is far easier to be a victim of our lives rather than an active participant and we are all guilty of this. The difference is how long we choose to remain that victim!

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