Atilla the Mom



I’ve recently had to crack down, not only in my own household, but in my classroom as well. 

It seems that WORK is a dirty, forbidden, awful chore that no human under the age of 21 should be forced to succumb to in any way.

And if you should be dumb enough or brave enough to request said WORK be done then prepare yourself for facial expressions you could never imagine a child ever having enough life experience to learn how to give.

It’s a combination of  “I can’t stand the sight of your ugly existence” and “You have got to be the dumbest idiot on the face of the planet”.  Of course, there is the occasional look of “I would like nothing more than for your pathetic existence in my world to cease!”

Now inevitably what happens in my house is the WORK is halfway done and sometimes only a quarter of the way done.  Do you know what happens when you are dumb enough to actually ask the question, “Why cant you do the job completely, well, all the way, without having to go back and re-do?”

She asks, “Why can’t the new puppy be mine, Mom?”

***insert cricket chirps here


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      • Oh no, you are not punishing me. No more kids was for your own well-being. And I have 4 precious granddogs and a pretty great son-in-law (just don’t tell him!) And another kid to give me grand kids – 4 boys. Then we’ll have 4 girls, 4 boys.

      • You better tell her to get started then…it’s going to be rough having 4 boys that close together. She isn’t getting any younger.

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