The Best $26.95 I Ever Spent


Single…still on Valentine’s Day!  It was a normal work day, alone in my office with no real distractions and no hope of roses showing up on my desktop.  A couple of weeks previously I had put up a profile on Yahoo Personals to see what kind of fish were in the sea…so to speak.  Wow were there some slim pickings.  I hadn’t paid much attention to it since seeing my options.  Whether it was out of desperation or boredom I was checking my email and saw that I had a “wink” from a potential catch.  I wasn’t rushing to open the email, but I had to admit my curiosity was tickled at this point.

The picture was of a man who seemed incredibly young.  He had another picture of himself with his daughter on a horse, but he had sunglasses on and it was hard to see what he looked like.  I would discover later that the picture of the younger man was him on the day he married his first wife.  He said he thought it was a wedding he had attended.  It was….his own!!  His profile was blunt and he had 2 strikes against him.  I wasn’t going to get involved with a guy with a kid or a guy who was a recovering alcoholic.  But I thought he would at least kill some time.

I “winked” back at him to let him know I was at least interested.  For those who are not versed in the finer points of Internet dating – You can put your profile up and let anyone look at it for free, but you usually have to pay money to begin corresponding with someone.  I spent the rest of the day deciding whether I wanted to talk more with the man.   I have to admit, I was a little giddy.

That night I decided he was worth getting to know, despite his 2 strikes against him.  I ponied up the money for my 3 month membership so we could correspond by email.  Little did I know that it would be the best $26.95 I ever spent.


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