Pudding Cups, Pizza Sauce and Paisley Aprons


After my morning packed full of kindergarteners in my Computer Lab telling me stories of cows going to truck stops and how many times their little brother got spanked and sent to time out the night before I don my “paisley” apron and I head of to lunchroom duty. 

By the way, I couldn’t  resist asking if the cow got a Coke while he was at the truck stop.  This was met with giggles by one of my most shy students as he stood before me in his checkered shirt, striped tie and tweed suit jacket.  I’m kinda sad Christmas is over cuz I’m missing his Santa tie. 

I digress….

Donned in blue and green paisley I enter into the land of Primary School Lunchroom.  I am certain many parents have not ventured into the loud, scary dirty place.

If they had they would realize those handy-dandy prepackaged foods that make thier lives soooo easy make my life miserable.

Pudding cups…impossible for little fingers to peel back and never come off in one piece when big fingers peel them

Lunchables Pizza…I know you send them to school because you would never let your kids eat them in your own house

Fruit Cups…never get opened by big or little fingers without eternally sticky goo poring from the cup onto the table and under a lunch tray or ten.  Followed by “Mrs. Good…there’s a mess on the table but I don’t know how it got there!” 🙂 Which is still cute in 5 year olds, but not 14 yr olds!

Gogurt – The Incredibly Shooting Yogurt – oh yes if you can actually get the little tab peeled open it will most certainly shoot out the top and land squarely on your shoe.


Now couple that with the fact that I will inevitably have any number of unidentifiable substances on my backside because the little knuckleheads sneak up and hug you with sticky, soggy fingers and the middle of my day is usually an unexpected blessing.

I love those little knuckheads…but parents please see the above list! I’m begging you…


Happy Thursday!



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