Basset Hound Blues


So about a month ago my daughter asked for her own dog. 

We already have three dogs, so I entertained her for a split second and then didn’t think about it again. 

Until last week when I decided I wanted a Basset Hound. 

 And just so I can place blame it was The Pioneer Woman’s  fault.

So I promptly told my husband what I wanted.  He replied, “WHY?!”

I responded with what every good wife does, “Because, I do!!”

He said, “OK.”  And that is why I love that man beyond measure.  No matter the crazy scheme or insane desire all I really have to do is ask.  Well except for having a baby.  He holds pretty firm on that.  That’s why I can get another dog.  Yeah, me!!

So I found the Wyoming Bassett Hound Rescue and they had just rescued a beautiful 6-year-old male Basset Hound names Joe.  He melted my heart and as soon as they put him up for adoption I sent the paperwork.

I got the email back that said he was pending an adoption in Cody, but they would consider our application as well.  My heart sunk!

My husband said, “Why don’t you buy one?”  I was pretty set on rescuing one, but I had read about a Basset Hound at the local Pet Store that they were very concerned about being taken care of properly.  I sensed a rescue in the making.

I enlisted my daughter, Samantha to go check and see if this little lady was still at the pet store and if so we were going to go save her. 

I waited all day on pins and needles to hear.  I almost took the day off work and made the 50 mile drive myself, but I tried to be somewhat reasonable.

It was 4pm when I learned the future love of my life was gone…sold…hopefully to a wonderful family you have fed her an enormous amount of Scooby snacks and fattened her skinny behind up. (I was promptly told yesterday by one of my kindergarteners that I can not say butt.  I have to say behind.  See I learn GOOD.)

So needless to say I am sad that my search has come to a screeching halt.  However, I have a blessed friend who texted me last night and said:

“God must have one heck of a Basset Hound picked out for you.”

You couldn’t be more right, Shannon. 

Happy Tuesday, All!!


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