It seems like it has been forever since we visited. Those that read my last post know I started a new job.  I stood at this new job today and looked out across my classroom in awe.  I’ve worked with children before.  I’ve been threatened and cursed at by children.  I’ve been punched, kicked, spit on and dodged flying objects.  I’ve been trapped in a room by an angry teenagers twice my size.  I’ve heard every horrible and heartbreaking story that could be imagined come out of the mouth of a child.  And strangely enough I loved my job.  My heart belonged to the worst of the worst in difficult children and I will probably always have a special place for those children.  They didn’t ask to be hurt or abused or to have a mental illness.  They just survived one angry day at a time.

After nearly 7 years of this being my predominant interactions with children I began to expect most children were like this.  My affectionate name for them being “heathens” or “knuckleheads”.  So during my 3rd official day as a Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade Computer Teacher I realized something.  There are still kids out there that laugh at silly caterpillar games.  There are kids that despite being “too old” for something, still shout “I Did It!” when they complete the task.  There are kids that help other kids and get excited when others do well also.  There are kids that want to hug me just because I am Mrs. Good.  It is not major breakthroughs and huge insightful moments that bring me joy.  It is little voices whispering, “Hi, Mrs Good” as they see me in the hallway.  Or children wanting to stop me and tell me about how they helped a peer.  I love little waving hands as they wait in line outside my classroom.  I want to wave all day long.  I want to squeeze them and hug them.  Despite the class that I had to start over 3 times before they really figured out how to listen, I felt something today I haven’t felt in a long time.

I felt hope…

Hope that we are growing decent human beings.

Hope that we are doing more good than harm.

Hope that we can teach a love of learning.

Hope that children are still children and we haven’t forced them to grow up too fast in this media frenzied world.

Hope that I can do some good in a whole different population of children.

Hope in its simplest form with a healthy dose of joy…I love my job!


I will be linking up at Life Made Lovely so make sure you go check her out!

Happy Monday!


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