cake pops, dog baths and house guests…oh my!


My husband surprised me by not going into work on Friday, so I got a 3-day weekend with him!

I got to have lunch and spend Saturday afternoon with a lovely young woman I absolutely adore.

I finally stopped getting my hands and feet spanked in cards.

Samantha and my brother-in-law came to visit for the weekend also.

Plus, as icing on the cake I have a job interview tomorrow morning for a job I would love.

Soda pop had a great weekend too…

He got to chase squirrels and sleep on the couch with Samantha.

He didn’t like this part of his weekend though…

He is a giant handful during bath time because he is heavy and stubborn.

He smells and looks amazing now.

Maybelle better watch out…she just may fall in love!

Maddox enjoyed sunbathing and chasing birds.

He got bath time too, but only moderately objected.

He looks so handsome in his new collar.

This is how he spends 90% of his time.

He sniffs the black of the end of his nose most of the time.

There were some manicures and pedicures done this weekend also.

The girls did a great job painting their own toenails.

I just added a small flower to Samantha’s nails at the end.

I love to watch Samantha and Taylor hang out and be girls together…they enjoy having each other as sisters I think!

We began our morning making these adorable cake pops for a birthday party.

I love the colors Samantha chose.

She is wicked talented in the baking and decorating arena.

It is an honor that she asks for my advice and lets me help her.

She does beautiful work.

And she is sorta perfectionist like me too…

What a wonderfully productive weekend.

The final week of wedding prep and I have a few projects of my own to get done.

Happy Sunday, All!!!!


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