beautiful girls….


The fair is in town in Casper, where I was born and raised.

Who does not love to people watch at a Wyoming fair?

Exhibit A:

Yes that is indeed a boy in skinny jeans!

Not just skinny jeans, but RED skinny jeans…

I lived through the 80’s when we had to fold our jeans over and roll them up to achieve this look.

I’m over it!

So I have explained to my daughter that she can not ever date a drug user, criminal or a guy who wears skinny jeans.

Sorry…I’m the mom! I make the rules…


Here is who I really came to take pictures of…

Addison Raye – my gorgeous niece!

She is going to think I’m the coolest aunt ever one day…now she tolerates me.

Unless of course I ignore her…bahahahahahaa!

Miss Brooke – my beautiful and amazing oldest niece!!

She knew where the camera was at every moment.

Even when I caught her doing this….

She was flirting with a boy…I know right!! Sheesh…

I appointed my husband the keeper of the cotton candy.

He was not thrilled with the appointment, but he did his duty with honor.

Thank you, Babe for never telling me no – even when I ask you to drive an hour and a half to go to a fair you have no desire to go to, after a long 10 hour work day all so I can take pictures of my beautiful nieces. 

 And for buying me this…

You are truly the greatest husband on the planet! I love you, John!

Go kiss your husbands ladies…they deserve it!

Happy Monday!!


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