I have the two most incredible daughters anyone could ask for.

They each have their own unique personalities and areas of enjoyment.

Samantha is our athlete and Taylor is our actor/artist.

So imagine my surprise when I cam across this:

Yes, that is my drama queen learning to golf.

It really is the perfect sport for her because she can do it at her own pace and skill level.

Team sports are hard at her age because it seems like you must have been playing them since you were in the womb.

There doesn’t seem to be room for someone just wanting to “try” a team sport.

My husband and I are opposites on this because I want to enjoy playing a sport and he wants to compete.

I don’t get wrapped up in all that and my HS quarterback husband just can not understand a mentality like that.

He was showing her how it is supposed to look.

Keep in mind  – he is also teaching me how to golf.

I can ignore him if he annoys me with his 65 directions at once.

His heart is in the right place, but I can’t concentrate on doing every single thing right.

So I pick a couple of things to concentrate on and add as I accomplish things.

I finally had to teach Taylor my technique too.  She seemed more comfortable.

I thought my husband was going to go mad if he heard “I’m sorry” one more time.

She surprised me with how patiently she watched and tried to learn.

She is my “hands on” kid and learns far better that way.

This is my favorite picture – Big Hands, Little Hands!

Daddy’s never underestimate the importance of making sure those “big hands” stay active in your daughter’s lives.

If Taylor never picks up a golf club again it won’t matter.

 What will matter is that summer evening her “little hands” spent wrapped in his “big hands”!

Happy Day Before Independence Day!!


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