my baby girl is back…


My baby girl is back from camp and I didn’t miss her one bit!!?? Yeah…right!

She got to spend the week in what could only be Heaven’s backyard.

The creek is raging from snow melt.

Wyoming Plains blushing green…

Deer frolicking in fields!


She had a glorious time and took nearly 400 pictures.

Here are a few of the ones I loved!

She is so gorgeous…a blessing  from God’s own hand! 

Prayer in the midst of God’s great creation…

Yes – Miss K is about to drink Coke through someone else’s DIRTY sock!!

Did I mention this girl is one of the funniest people I have ever met? I’m not even sure she knows this about herself.

I am so blessed to have her in my daughter’s life!! Okay maybe not so much after she drank that Coke!! 🙂

Yes – This is Taylor eating a banana through a pair of panty hose!

Who came up with the YUCK FEST? So glad I did not have to participate…oh to be young again?! No thanks…

Oh the pure glee to have peanut butter and Cheerios smeared on your face! All for the glory of God…

So glad I have her back and showered her a couple times by now!!

For those of you deprived of the joy of Worm Wrestling – this is it!

Two very “non-claustrophobic” youngsters head first in their sleeping bags, wrestling each other!

Just the thought of this makes me start to sweat, but I am assured this is a highlight of camp!

A huge thank you to First Presbyterian Church for always thinking of us as family and giving Taylor this opportunity. 

 You are all loved and missed!

Happy Summer Camping!!

I will be linking up with Mingle Monday at Add A Pinch and Life Made Lovely Monday at LIFE MADE LOVELY!! Come check them out…


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