Wedding Shower Deliciousness


So yesterday was a massacre and today was the exact opposite….YEAH ME!

I came across this amazing idea – S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies over at Picky Palate. Make sure you go and check out her blog!

 I instantly knew these would be perfect for the “Camping” Wedding Shower.

 I made a few changes to suit my own preferences, but the original would be delicious too.

I started by making mini-smores with 3 different kinds of marshmallows – plain, strawberry and caramel vanilla.

I mixed up a double batch of “The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie” from the Butter-flavor Crisco Sticks box – minus the chocolate chips.

I baked my first batch and then decided it would be much better if I waited to bake them.  So I froze them and will bake them at the shower.

They will exit the oven and find themselves on a plate looking something similiar to the gooey delight below!

I can’t wait and I hope they are a hit at the shower.

Tune in tomorrow for the next delicious bit going on the dessert table!

Happy Wedding Shower Planning – wait that’s me!

Happy Baking!!


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