the great lollipop massacre of 2011…


I know you have seen it – Paula Dean making free-form lollipops.  I watched it and it looked so easy.  Hers pooled into a perfect little round circles of perfection and she never got a single stringy, messy or clumpy blob on her pan or spoon.  Well that is not how mine turned out this afternoon.  The funny thing is, it was the best thing to happen to me all day.  I have been having a rather manic day to say the least – emotionally speaking.  You ever have someone say something to you without thinking about it first?  It is nothing to them, but it hurts in a “make my stomach sick” kind of way.  That was my day.  God is funny though because he provided me answers before I ever even asked him.  I love and hate when he does that.  My husband was a complete rock when I broke down in his office at work.  That is how bad my day was.  Until I managed to massacre 30 or so lollipops this afternoon.  Let me show you what they look like before I go further…you need a visual reference.

See the dead gummy worms on the sticks? They will never grow up to be lollipops because the sugar got cool too fast and I got frustrated.  See the attempted lollipops next to them?  Those guys got dropped on their heads as baby lollipops, by ME no less.  The theory was so right on though.  The worms melted inside the lollipops and gave it great flavor.  I know because I tasted one very chewy, not even close to hard yet lollipop out of curiosity.  I suppose I should have made something for the Wedding Shower that I was sure I could do, but how would I learn anything?!  I also made lightning bug suckers.

They aren’t any prettier I don’t think.  My camera phone picture doesn’t help any.  I should be angry and frustrated and wallowing in my horrible, no good, lousy, rotten day, but this made me laugh.  It perked me right up out of my own head and get perspective.  It’s funny to me and I may even serve these little horrors at the shower  – to the itty bitties of course.  Won’t kids eat anything with candy attacked to it?! I hope so…

Thanks God for hearing me when I wasn’t even talking!

I am linking up with Life Made Lovely Monday and am going to attempt to add the button, but I am not sure this will happen!

Happy Monday!!


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