oh my aching back…


Today was a fun-filled day of sewing, sewing and sewing!  I wish I could say I have gobs and gobs to show for it, but the sewing machine fairies were not on my side today.  One child’s apron I made today took me twice as long as normal to make.  I don’t know if it was the flannel fabric or the thread or frankly my own ineptitude. <—-Did you like that word? Made me sound smart didn’t it?!  The final product did turn out sorta cute, but my second one was by far my favorite.  Here is the final product once I spoke some very unflattering words to it!

Golly Dang Disruption to my Mojo Children’s Apron…SHEESH!

HaHa…I cropped off the ugly seam in this picture!

Such cute fabric and the sewing actually looks good!!!

I don’t even remember how long it took me to make this, but it felt like forever!  However, this next one I cranked out in no time.  I love it and it is going to look so cute on some pretty little girl.  It is purple with ladybugs on it.  I appliqued a cute little heart on the pocket too.  It was my first time using Steam a Seam and it worked really well.  It will be Wedding Shower Gift #2.  Can’t wait to see which little girl gets to try it out.

It is far from perfect, but not too bad for my first try.  Tomorrow I have to finish the cupcake tower and all the decorations.  Plus my baby is coming home in the morning and she missed me.  I love being missed.  I love having the kind of relationship with my daughters that they need me for things like listening to them and giving advice.  Even though I think I will enjoy them being gone and having a break…I always miss them to pieces! 

Happy Sleepy Time!


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