Sunday by Taylor…


Today was a busy day of planting flowers and starting my first garden.  In order to keep my daughter occupied and involved in family time I gave her my phone and told her to be the photographer for the day.  She thought this was a great idea, but hated that I wouldn’t stop playing in the dirt to see every picture she took.  What is with the need for instant gratification….wait I like what I want when I want it too! I should have thought through that one better…is that a do as I say not as I do moment?! I’m in charge I can do what I want…right? Dang I believe in teaching by example! Looks like I did a great job on that one huh?  Anyway, here is our Sunday through the eyes of my gorgeous, talented artistic 13-yr old Taylor:

Our adorable beagle – Maddox

He is hoping and praying for a bite of the popsicle Taylor is eating while taking this picture…no dice Little Dog!

I may be biased, but I absolutely love how she captured the perfect shadows on our newly planted flowers.

She takes after me in the creativity department and the incredible beauty – hahaaha!

Me sporting Garden Couture courtesy of and probably Walmart.  Do you see those fancy Ugg flip-flops? My mom doesn’t think I spend enough money on shoes – $15 isn’t enough? – so she buys me expensive shoes that I garden in. She would be so proud…love you mom!  I am mixing epoxy because I am making fancy dessert platters for my sister’s wedding shower in a couple of weeks.  I am keeping it pretty secret so I can’t post pics until after I host it.

My wonderful husband planting the exact flowers in the exact locations I want them.  He really is too too good to me!

 Thank you, Taylor for your vision and beauty!


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