Today as it is Memorial Day I remember those who have sacrificed for our right to be free.  While I did serve my country proudly for nearly 7 years, I never had to sacrifice in war.  I did sacrifice and so did my daughter, Taylor.  It is often the family members that sacrifice far more than the soldier.  It was my daughter who had to be without a mother and my parents who sacrificed their time, money and freedom to raise my daughter for the almost 2 years I was deployed.  It was my sister who sacrificed when suddenly she wasn’t the only child in the house.  We knew what could be required of us when we raised our hands and would have gladly paid that price if required.  I am blessed beyond belief that I was never required to do die for my country, but should it have been required I would fought until I could no longer fight.  My daughter would have been proud, but missing a part of herself without me.  She would have grown into a beautiful and talented woman, but not the same woman I would have grown her into.  I thank God for the chance to do that.

Thank you to the families of our fallen.  Thank you for living without your husband, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandma and grandpa because they were willing to die for the country they loved.  Most families didn’t have a say in that choice and had they I am most positive they wouldn’t have picked military service for their loved one.  But they loved and supported the soldier anyway.  You can never know how important it is for the soldier to know they are supported.  It is what makes them more vigilant and aware and prepared in war.  It was a priceless treasure to me knowing my parents were raising my daughter well in my absence.  So not only do I want to thank those you have died, but also those who were left behind.  You are the true heroes!

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed For Me!!


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