Sunday beauty…


Funny how many beautiful things you see when you slow down long enough to look at them.  Today my heart was tuned into the beauty in my world and it started with this…

I made Taylor this flannel pillowcase last week and she hasn’t let go of the pillow since.  Grandma said she even tried to bring it to the breakfast table!


My husband was on his A game today and decided he wanted to get the lawn work done.  So it was off to the Ivy Leaf Greenhouse to get flowers.  The owner was a wonderful woman who let us in on a little tip.  We shouldn’t try to plant until the soil temperature stays at lest 65 degrees.  Well for those of you who do not live in Wyoming – it snowed last week!  We will hold off for a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of the beautiful flowers.

This little guy was my favorite.  I have no idea what you call the leader of a group of goats, but this guy was definitely the Alpha Goat.  He didn’t want to let any of the other goats get close to the fence because John was feeding him grass.  They were so excited to see us.  Made me want to go out and buy a goat.  Don’t worry everyone…no goats for my family quite yet! 

Happy Sunday!!


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