Saturday morning was my first experience with Bountiful Baskets Co-op.  What an amazing experience.  I got tons of fruits and veggies that look delicious.  Plus I got the best looking tortillas.  Anywhere I can get 30 lbs of produce for $15 and 7 dozen tortillas for $10 I am thinking its a great deal.  So with my beautiful blackberries I made Blackberry Buttermilk Pancakes.

 This was my husbands plate – he usually likes peanut butter on his pancakes, but decided to try these without.  I added peanut butter to mine and it was like a PB&J extraveganza.  I loved it and my husband was jealous.  Sometimes it pays to be the cook and be the last person to eat.  Taylor is staying with her Dad this weekend and was disappointed she was going to miss them.  I made extra and froze them in ziplocks with 2 pancakes each for her to enjoy them next week for breakfast.  I’m thinking I will do that more often for her.  It’s far cheaper than buying them in the freezer section and I can control what goes into them.

Happy Sunday!!


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