bake sale 2.0…


No matter what I do I can not get rid of Murphy this week.  He has been invading my personal space all week and I have spilled, misread, lost and been distracted from things  as I was trying to get ready for the bake sale.  So when my beautiful Cupcakes In A Jar ended up on the floor board of the car after my husband slammed on the brakes in the car I was not surprised.  Nor I was I surprised when I was within a second of actually stopping them from flying forward.  My husband pulled the car over, like a gentleman and I attempted to rescue the little mini cupcakes on top and somehow place ribbons and spoons back on the jars.  I was so frustrated and near tears that I could only put them back on the seat and get back in the car.  My husband is asking me what we have to do to fix them and I know in my head it is a relatively easy fix, but what I wanted to say was less than lady-like.  We stopped by the grocery store and I gathered Miniature Reeses, frosting and sprinkles.  Praise God for the genius who thought to sell frosting in an aerosol can with a cute little swirly tip.  There was a time not so long ago that you would not have seen that in your average grocery store.  We arrived on time for the bake sale and my daughter proudly ran ahead to tell all what had happened.  We managed to save about half without having to fix much.  As my wonderful husband pointed out…thank goodness they were in jars or I would have had a ginormous cupcake mess in the back seat and nothing for the bake sale.  I entertained taking a picture for the blog, but decided no one needed to see all that horror.  Instead I thought I would add pictures of my beautiful daughter and her friend – they are the ones going to ATF.  We made an amazing $300 for the trip and I thank all the generous, wonderful people who helped make it a success.  We had so much fun seeing all the people we haven’t seen in a long time and the girls are so excited to go on this adventure. 


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