bake sale…


Tomorrow is the big bake sale for my daughter’s trip to Acquire The Fire at the end of the month.  I have a small perfectionistic tendency and deep need to have the prettiest and funnest items at the bake sale.  I decided to give Cupcakes in a Jar a try.  With some problem solving and only minor setbacks I think I accomplished a more than average cupcake in a jar.

Did you all know there is a big difference between a bow and a knot?  All of you who had father’s that taught them the “bunny goes round the tree and into the hole” know how to tie a bow.  My father had never met this mysterious shoe tying bunny because he taught me how to tie my shoes in a knot.  This has truly never been a problem for me until about a year ago.  I couldn’t get the ribbon I was tying to look pretty enough for me because I was tying it in a knot.  So at 34 years old I had to Google how to tie a bow.  It has been no easy task to master the bow tying.  It probably took me twice as long finishing these beautiful cupcakes in a jar because I fought with these ridiculous ribbon all morning.  It was worth it though.  My bows look adorable.

I have to give credit to another wonderful blogger  for the cute little cupcakes on the top of my jars. I thought this was an absolutely adorable idea and couldn’t help but try it.  As a matter of fact, I had so much fun making them I could have kept doing it forever.  Overall, I think these are a winner.  Can’t wait to see how they sell tomorrow!


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